We help startups in the go-to-market phase

You have an idea, a product or service, a team and the finances in place. All you have to do now is to market your product or service. The goal is obviously world domination, salvation or at least get your invested money back.

You are thinking about hiring a Head of Growth to get started. Only hiring awesome people, building a marketing organisation and kicking off all the marketing processes, takes time and will cost a bit of money. That is why we have a better solution for you

Market it like a unikorn.

We call it Unikorn Marketing. Because, that is what you need. Someone with all the experience and knowledge to kick your marketing off, creating all the processes and content, setting up all the channels to activate the content and getting your money machine ticking. Meanwhile, you hire your Head of Growth and marketing team. Actually, we can help you with that too.

What is it that makes us Unikorns then? Well, we have done this for many many years and companies. we have already made all the mistakes and learned all the learnings and put all the take-aways in our backbacks.

We are nothing short of that unicorn you are describing in your job listings.